Edward Cotty

Edward Cotty is the father of our Music Director, Sean Cotty, (pictured here).

Ed says he can’t play an instrument the way his son does, but he loves to sing. However, his wife Eileen, who is in the Curé choir, begs to differ. “At various events, I’ve gotten the elbow from my wife and others because of my high notes,” says Ed laughing. Well, music may not be his thing, but being the proud father to two sons (Sean and Edward) certainly is. “Both have grown into fine young men. Both knew what they wanted to do early on. Sean wanted to play the piano since he was in kindergarten and our other son, Edward, was so great with kids that he wanted to become a teacher.”

Edward says being a father was a blessing, but one of the biggest blessings was finding his sweetheart Eileen, years ago at a supermarket. He says he was a stock boy and his wife worked in checkout. They fell in love and that love has lasted longer than white rice (food scientists say white rice can last up to 30 years!). The couple recently reached a milestone. “Last May we celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary. We renewed our vows right here at Curé with Father Charles. It was a beautiful moment that I’ll always remember.”

The couple may have lasted longer than the above mentioned white rice, but Edward’s food that he cooks only lasts a few minutes once it’s on the plate or in the bowl. In fact, for the last few years, Edward has been making amazing minestrone soup for the annual Lenten Soup Supper which is always one of the first to go. Additionally, he’s been cooking for his son Sean’s events as well for his own family for years. “Eileen took over the bills and I took over the cooking. It’s worked out great for everyone.”

And now that Edward has retired after 37 years in pharmaceuticals working in quality control and manufacturing of oral and topical medications, he has more time to do the things he loves, plus a few things his wife has in mind. “It’s a new chapter in my life and I’m looking forward to staying busy. I now have time to come up with new recipes and work on that Honey Do list!”

(written by Lisa Hudson)